IIT Kharagpur open courses in robotics for students across globe



Jan 5, 2016, 06.19 PM IST

written by Prachi Verma | ET Bureau | for TOI shared by worldnano blog

NEW DELHI: Indian Institute of Technology-Kharagpur has launched a course in microbotics, or micro-robotics — the field dealing with tiny robots capable of handling very small components. The course is being offered as part of the Global Initiative of Academic Networks (GIAN), a programme aimed at strengthening research collaborations between Indian and foreign institutes.

This is the first time that microbotics and nano-robotic manipulation is taught as a course by an Indian institute, said CS Kumar, coordinator of the course at IIT-Kharagpur.

Robotics, though, is already being taught in various engineering streams, such as mechanical engineering, ocean engineering and materials science. The applications of microbotics include automated underwater vehicle, automated ground vehicle for mapping or accessing areas inaccessible to men, spy robots and healthcare.

“This aspect of robotics, which includes targeted motion and force-planning through manipulation in micro spaces, is gaining considerable attention in applications in medicine as well as in material sciences,” said Kumar. Sixty students from IIT-Kharagpur and other colleges have already registered for the course. IIT-Kharagpur is planning to pursue highend research in robotics, including microbotics with commercial applications, he said.

Microbotics is the field of miniature robotics, in particular mobile robots with characteristic dimensions less than 1 mm. A nanorobot is a tiny machine designed to perform a specific task or tasks, repeatedly and with precision at nanoscale dimensions, that is, dimensions of a few nanometres.

A nanometre is one billionth of a metre.

image in the article belongs to Times of India


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