10 Nanotechnology startups to rule the world in Future


Oncolinx is developing targeted cancer therapeutics, that destroy cancer cells and not healthy cells, and thereby avoid many of the adverse side-effects of traditional chemotherapy.




Wavve Stream

WAVVE Stream Inc. produces patented technologies that significantly enhance contaminant removal capabilities for existing water filtration membranes and systems. Both the nanomaterial coating and hydrogel bead systems are a more effective and cost efficient solution for water filtration.



Initially started as a campaign on kick-starter, Liquidoff today ships to almost all the countries in the world. The first of its kind non toxic fully biodegradable dirt repellent system based on nanotechnology.



Neverfrost is a clear film that is applied by a professional on a vehicle’s windows & windshields, just like tinting. It is designed to protect windshields from natural and seasonal elements, such as insulating against summer heat, preventing frost during winters, and avoiding stone chips on windshields.

Neverfrost uses proprietary multi-layer nano-composites sandwiched in a single 100 micrometer thick film to protect windshields around the year.


GraphWear has developed a real-time dehydration, glucose, and lactic acid monitor without the need for blood or urine. Our patch analyzes your sweat in a wearable form factor (COGS<$10) which pairs with your smartphone. This is possible because of the high sensitivity of graphene, a cutting edge nanoscale material. The core of our technology is a patent-pending method for creating low-cost graphene devices (<$1 per sensor) developed by the founders during graduate school.


Exabyte.io is a team of top tier scientists and engineers building the fastest way to design and discover new materials.

In our vision, the next generations of microprocessors, solar cells, catalysts, batteries, alloys and composites are created not through long and expensive physical tests, but through fast and accurate software models.


Alnion’s product is low cost, non-invasive diagnostic appliance capable of early stage lung cancer detection.
Novel tools are required to address raising costs of lung cancer screening, treatment and the high false positives (96%) of current invasive tools. Our advanced e-nose technology offers solutions to all of these current shortcomings through highly sensitive and patented CNT technology by detecting patterns of VOCs in human breath, thus identifying lung cancer and it’s sub-histologies.


Navolta helps clients develop unique new nanomaterials where a substrate material is coated with an ultra-thin uniform film in order to convey unique new properties. With Navolta’s unique particle coating technology, the possibilities are huge.

Functional coatings.
Navolta’s coatings can be used to provide novel surface properties to your materials. For instance, adding a metallic layer of gold to an iron particle can provide a surface onto which you can attach biologically active ligands for use in biomedical applications.

Protective coatings.
Navolta’s coatings can provide environmental protection for your materials. For instance,

Novel “digital alloys”.
Navolta’s coatings can allow you to produce novel “digital alloys”, coupling very different kinds of properties. For instance, coating a quantum dot with a thin film of a magnetic material can allow coupling of magnetic properties to optical properties.

Breega Capital

Breega Capital, the first European venture capital fund (EuVECA) in France, is investing in European highly promising technology start-ups that can demonstrate a real market need for their solution via a minimum of traction and are looking for their first professional financing round of 500k up to 2M euros (seed+/series A).

Built around a team of entrepreneurs acting as an active business partner rather than a simple investor, Breega Capital brings, on top of cash, an industry and operational expertise as well as an international business development leverage to its portfolio.


At Cerahelix we have invented the first ceramic filter that filters at high purity and low pressure. Our filters save manufacturers money by reducing production costs while conserving both energy and freshwater resources.

Our product is a nanofiltration membrane that can remove impurities from water that are 100 times smaller than a virus. It uses 95% less energy than competing technologies, for example evaporation, and reduces costs while enabling manufacturers to produce higher purity products, save energy and conserve water.




newSource: http://www.angel.co



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