about worldnano blog



Father of nanotechnology and the noble prize winning physicist Richard Feynman  introduced the world one day to nanotechnology by saying, “there is plenty of room at the bottom.” And everything changed.

Well, with the advancement in research and seeing the benefits of nanotechnology in almost every field of life, I dont hesitate to say that there is more than plenty of room at the bottom.

If you are a school student, you can find the motivation and bachelor level courses being offered in worldwide by different universities and centers across the globe.

If you are a grad, you can find master level courses in India.

I will also post Ph.D positions in India for the hard core nanotechnologists, like me.

What after studying nanotechnology? Well, I will find jobs for you and post it on this blog.

For scientists who are planning to take up nanotechnology or material science related projects or are already involved in project, you can find information about different equipment and where to buy them and other details.

There is definitely plenty of room at the bottom, maybe a bungalow.



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